Inspirational quotes to finish the summer.

To write , the most important is a place inspirational. A place inspirational can to generate ideas like a brainstorming only it’s to write . Write ask a new mindset , change habit and find news habits , to have to always have the ideas . How to do ? a place inspirational begin to choose a place where you feel better , feel an emotion, see an outlook in your writing and so far of people.

Write ask so training , to understanding by your writing like your style , your words , characters and so on . Find…

All novel ask a work of research in order to etablish the atmosphere, plot , characters, universe of characters and another . Why make a research to understanding better of structure novel .

to understanding , how to start a research and what direction given .

You should distinghish two ways to start research , where to research and on what ?

video explain research methodology

Once time you have a method for your research , you should to adapt with your novel . …

You write , you look your written and you tell , that miss a bit breathe in my written . Writing is a magical process when your characters and you do just one more . How to find a new inspiration in your written .


listen your podcast with conversation .
For example of 4 podcasts for writer

  1. The Rebel Author Podcast
  2. Write Club The Podcast
  3. A Writers Life
  4. Become a Writer Today

Take a breathe , can have other approaches of writing .


It’s very important to take down notes about your environment , all that you see, listen…

writing asks a new mind , a new mindset and to think deeply .

How to change a mindset to better writing . How to understand writing and to know all face of mindset to understanding our character .
No, my character can’t think like this or character , what do you do now it’s not like this . How evolve our character through our mind and understand his universe where he lives .

A new mindset serve to understand to look differently our world that is around you . A new gaze , begin a new lifstyle and another…

today there is a virus, an unprecedented health crisis in the world.
The technological countries are the most affected and the cases are increasing considerably, as are the death tolls.

Is there an alarm against technology countries ?

I hope it will change something, let’s be more humble and look to a better future. That the mentality on the conception of the human changes and the human condition also changes.

the virus like the conoravirus kills and makes considerable numbers of victim, how to protect itself from that? teechnology, it no longer responds.

the virus is running all over the…

mystery, mystery and mystery ….. you should start a novel or short story about mystery , how to do ?

A great story of Sherlock Holmes to start before to explain How to do a great mystery .

extract of memoir of Sherlock Holmes from library .

“I am afraid, Watson, that I shall have to go,” said Holmes, as we sat down together to our breakfast one morning.

“Go! Where to?”

“To Dartmoor; to King’s Pyland.”

I was not surprised. Indeed, my only wonder was that he had not already been mixed up in this extraordinary case, which was…

the world of writers is very strange, mysterious, fantastic. The world of writers is not only about reading, but also about such mysterious bookish objects. Let’s discover this world without a hitch. a Christmas reading list to put you in suspense. first look at this quote

Molet Julia

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